The Catch?

There is none, unless you consider helping your Local Business Cummunity to Grow Their Business a catch. This is essentially our ultimate goal, helping the Local Business owner get More Business.

Your Benefits

As you Push Out your messages, your members will experience this technology first hand.
As they approach your events the GeoFencing technology will keep them in the loop.
Business owners will start to take a serious look and wonder how they can get it in their business.
Folks, the Interest and Growth happens Automatically, you couldn't stop it if you tried.

We both Win

YOu get an incredible tool while we get LOTS of folks seeing and experiencing our system.
True Win-Win.

Allow us to Post

See Below. We would like you to help us get the word out any way you can.
And why wouldn't you? If you take advantage of our "ViralFunding" platform, the more who know the better for you.


Our Goal is to get users into the Business Whats-OUT! app to directly help the local business community.

We ask that you release some sort of press release to let folks know of our partnership. This can be an email, blog or posting on your website.
Naturally we prefer to be on your website but some organizations have restrictions on that.
Note the example in the center for the Cache Chamber of Commerce, Logan. 

The ultimate goal is to have 60% of your members using the Pulse-OUT App within 3 months, and again, why wouldn't they? It's a Great Tool, it's totally free to you and them, and you can keep using it as long as you need.
Even if your needs grow and we need to expand your allowed member base, we just bump it up as you need.

BizHelpCenter joins with SAT Infotech Group, a Middle Eastern Technology company specializing in Digital Marketing Solutions since 1997. BizHelpCenter is proud to bring Proprietary GeoFence and Beacon Technology, as well as several other exclusive business tools to the United States, Canada and Mexico.
We are especially proud to announce the availability of a FREE Listing to Cache Chamber Members in the new Whats-out platform, an International App designed to help Businesses get More Business Now. The system is now in all the App Stores and Consumers will find it especially appealing as it unlocks the power of their smart phone.
Cache Chamber members not only get their free listing, they get a Free Video. Video is now the #1 activity on the web and BizHelpCenter, along with SAT Infotech is committed to helping business owners succeed.
The Chamber is also adopting the new Pulse-out technology to keep members updated and you will be seeing information on this soon.
See all the information through your Member Lookup on BizHelpCenter. 

The more you can include us in your normal communications the better.
But we don't need you to advertise. Occasionally we will Pulse-OUT a message abour our Whats-OUT business platform. They receive this notification from “Pulse-OUT” NOT from you. This “infrequent push ads by the platform” will be clearly stated in the end user agreement as they install the app.
Naturally, in compliance with regulations, anyone can opt our at any time.

This App is in the new Google Accelerated Mobile Pages format. With the World going Mobile, you need to check out this Free System.
Here is a video highlighting the 2018 Amp conference in Amsterdam.
First, note this opening screen...
Companies across the spectrum from Reddit and Airbnb to Yahoo and the Washington Post are switching to AMP.  Why, the bottom line is More Profit and FAR More engagements because of the speed.